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Why You Should Definitely Date a Girl Who Travels


Everytime I read Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels, I’d go WHY THE HELL NOT?. Perplexed, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Some of the points may be relevant but that doesn’t mean men should stay away from dating a girl who travels. There’s a lot of post to debunk the falseness to this but then I thought why not give some piece of my mind too. There are so many good traits these travellers have that make them as desirable as any other woman out there.

Many moons ago, I didn’t know what real travel would do to me or how it would change my life. I started travelling from young, where skipping school to go on road trips with my family because of my dad’s job became inevitable. I didn’t appreciate the essence of travelling back then. Although I enjoyed the skipping school part, I hated the fact that driving from point A to point B felt like forever. As I grew older, the travel frequency has died down and I didn’t pay much attention to my then undiscovered passion. Not until I was in my late teens, I felt something was amiss. Not only that; I felt trapped, caged and claustrophobic with my life. The urge to break free was becoming more and more desperate, so I jumped back on the travel bandwagon and slowly found my inner peace.


Over the past several years I’ve been enjoying my love for travel and have met interesting people who share the same passion. They have awesome attributes, so it makes me wonder why people say don’t date a girl who travels instead of…

Why You SHOULD Date a Girl Who Travels

No, she’s not hard to please. Unless she’s a high maintenance girl who travels first class all the way. But if she’s travelled solo, she’s backpacked through Asia and Europe, she’s slept in a hostel, in shared dormitory, in the bus, train, airplane, in the airport, she’s eaten random food she picked up from a questionable place, by the street, drank cheap alcohols, potable water and walked, hiked, strolled through the streets in flip flops… how hard can it be pleasing someone who have experienced all that?

She’s adventurous. Life is never dull with her, she knows how to have fun and won’t settle for the same ole. She’s curious to learn and discover new things so she can break away from routine. Life with her will be a constant adventure which is obviously exciting. Adventurous people are often independent and they tend to live the life they want to remember.

Her lifestyle is inexpensive. Laid back and casual look is so her style. She likes to be in jeans and loose t-shirt. She prefers comfort than keeping up with the latest trend. Being casual doesn’t mean she’s messy or unkempt, she can still be stylish and chic but still practices minimalism. Fine dining? Nah, not her thing as she’d prefer burgers and beers but she doesn’t mind being spoiled with good food once in a while. Most of them love to cook, her idea of a date night involves le sexy time in the kitchen (Netflix & chill? Why not!). She doesn’t mind walking or taking the public transportation because she’s used to it. She doesn’t mind living in a tiny industrial-like apartment as long as it’s comfortable and she can turn any place into a home. She’s good at financial planning – because she is always planning for her next trip… and keeping her life afloat by not being broke.

Easy to relate to. Over the past years she’s met all kinds of people; interesting, fun, boring, ecstatic and so on. So she loves learning about people, she loves learning about you. Meeting a lot of people through travel has made her appreciate the littlest detail of a person. She’s a good listener,and a good life adviser.

She’s optimistic about life. She’s been in the best and worst situation, she has experienced the good and the ugly side of travel so she knows how to handle any situation be it good or bad. A well-traveled girl knows how to handle her bad days and instead of complaining about it, she shrugs it off with a new adventure. She’s seen life of the unfortunates and she knows how to be grateful with her own life.

She needs you. Those who say girls who travel do not need you, saying they’re too independent and letting go is her forte, I’d be happy to disprove that. She still needs romance. Weeks, months or even years of travelling without having any commitment makes one longing to be loved. I dare say travel makes me fall in love; not necessarily with people only but with things and places, food and culture. So what does that have to do with needing someone? When she travels, she meets a lot of interesting and like-minded people, but honestly it’s always nicer to share some special moment with one particular person instead of people she meets on the road. She needs someone she can tell her adventures to, she needs someone she can go home to, someone to lean on and someone to think of before she goes to sleep.

She’s random and uncertain. She goes with the flow, follows her heart and dances in the rain. This might sound like a bad news but trust me, it’s not. She will not shy away from doing things that she loves. Although living in a certainty is nice and safe but imagine those who settled down and accepted their life just the way it is because they’re not bold enough to take any risk to change it – wouldn’t their life be forever wasted in mundanity?. She will also instill the fearlessness in you.

She’s educated. She might not have an impressive college degree, or even a degree at all but she’s educated in the sense that she often learn things from first-hand experience. Being educated doesn’t only involve books but it also involves the ability to listen, to think and evaluate, to imagine and articulate. Just because she didn’t go to college or have a corporate job, doesn’t make her any less educated. She has an intellectual curiosity and usually able to speak and write persuasively. Travellers are good story tellers.


So there’s no reason for you not to date a girl who travels. She values life more than those who just sit in and think of what expensive things to get next. She has so much joy and love in her life because she’s a free-spirited woman that instead of waiting for the storm to pass, she dances in the rain. Date a girl who travels, because she lives her life to the fullest.



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