Summer Sweetscapade: Portofino

“Le grandi cose non sono fatte d’impulso, ma attraverso una serie di piccole cose messe insieme.”

While Cinque Terre receives more buzz and attention, its sophisticated cousin Portofino is nothing short of dreamy too. Portofino oozes charm and captivates the eye. The only thing you need to be aware of this place is everything is much more expensive and fancier.


A drive to Portofino from Riomaggiore is only under two hours so if this place is not in your itinerary, you better include it because it will definitely leave an indelible mark.

The Ligurian Sea offers bucket list travel experiences, and Portofino is the favourite posh spot for those who have the dispensable income and high-tone delicacies that could luxuriate until their soul stirs among the crystal blue waters off the Italian Riviera while sipping on exorbitant sparklings. It is also the destination to show off their mega yachts.

This colourful and gorgeous little port town is impossibly photogenic – like a postcard with houses reflected on the water, the boats and yachts on the marina, branded boutiques and Italian bistros and restaurants. It’s truly the place to enjoy la dolce vita.

Being a small port town, there is not actually a ton of things to do. To indulge in the beauty, wandering around the town and soaking up the atmosphere will do the trick. A weekend is more than enough to relax under the sun of Portofino.

Grab the seats at the best restaurants that spill across the harbour, hop on a yacht (or maybe not, ferry is fine too), have the luxury of digging your toes into the sun-warmed sandy beach, and enjoy uninterrupted views over the Italian Riviera.

We walked around the plaza and enjoyed some meals by the harbour which was filled with small fishing boats and massive private yachts. If you’re into shopping, this is a slice of heaven for you where you can find branded goods at discounted price.

This small but perfectly coiffured coastal village that sits on its own peninsula is not my favourite as I personally feel that it lacks the humble charm. Although it has some similarities to its other less fabulous cousins, Cinque Terre, Lake Como and Amalfi Coast – its charming facade is being overshadowed by its superfluous image. However, I wouldn’t discourage anyone to go here because you need to at least experience the luxurious feast to the eyes.

Things to do

  • The plaza of Chiesa di San Giorgio
  • Stroll down to Portofino harbour
  • Visit the Abbey of San Fruttuoso
  • Paraggi beach: Perfect for diving, there is also a red coral
  • Visit Castello Brown for stunning views

Where to eat

  • Ristorante Puny: Nice lunch and best view
  • Trattoria Tripoli: Delicious Italian food
  • Da I Gemelli: Amazing seafood

Where to stay

  • Hotel Eden: $200 a night

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