Serendipitous Summer in London

While London and I didn’t click the first time, the second visit was a charm – it was summer, everything was much nicer, brighter and I was really excited for the Asian food I could easily find in London. Although not much has changed but it was nice to be back and experience it on a different climate. The second visit was more liberating because all the must-sees have been explored before but I still returned to some of the same spots because they had different vibes during summer – I was only stopping at attractions that I could absorb in a short visit.

A serendipitous summer in London allowed me to admire the bright sky with pleasurable heat and blooming flowers, strolling through the markets and admiring street performers, and ditching the fantasy as there is no place for formality during a London summer. So what did I do differently this time around?


Museum Visits

One of the best things about London is its absolutely FREE museums. I’m not much of a history buff but I’m always intrigued in knowing about the history of different cultures and seeing the collections. Whether you’re interested in the 17th Century, or famous brands, instruments, to fan engines, there’s a museum specifically catering to your taste. Britain’s vibrant and exciting capital city is home to many world-class museums and art galleries – they are very diverse and expansive, dedicated to exhibits and galleries in art, history, and culture.


Summer Strolls

From events in parks to activities along the streets, there’s always something happening in the British capital. Whether it’s a trample through woods and fields or a stately saunter around a historic attraction with a pub lunch en route, to wandering aimlessly through famous streets in London, most places are easily accessible or just a train or tube ride away.


Free Entertainment

Trafalgar Square hosts many open air events throughout the year especially in the summer. The iconic square is the largest and often considered the heart of the city. You can see talented singers with their music instrument, magicians, daredevil performers and even protesters protesting their great cause peacefully. This focal point of the city is home to the National Gallery, Nelson’s Column and St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Did you know that every December, Norway donates a spectacular Christmas tree to thank Britain for liberation from the Nazis?


Culinary Adventure

London is known as a diverse melting-pot, home to one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the world. It was no surprise I could find Malaysian food easily around London. It was one of the reasons why I wanted to go there, for the sake of foods I was craving for. London’s food scene is great – from the best Indian food to a ultra-modern speakeasy.

Malaysian Nasi Lemak


The only way to truly foster and nurture romance with a place is to experience it with an open heart and an enduring sense of optimism. It takes time, more exploration and adventure – perhaps a second visit could be the charm. London is an exciting city – I didn’t feel that during my first visit because I came from Kuala Lumpur and I felt that my city was more exciting and had more to offer but my second visit was way better thanks to the climate and the transition of coming from a calm, nice and laid-back city of Oslo.

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