Psychedelic Prague: Europe’s Prettiest City

Prague. A pretty city that looks like a painting that comes out alive from a canvas. This city is downright charming – full of personae, with magical and velvety feelings to it. I’ve never met anyone who dislikes Prague, travelers from around the world can’t stop raving about it – a psychedelic city filled with fairy-tale and mystical expressions. Known for the old historic red-roofed buildings, graceful bridges, nostalgic trams and expansive cobbled-streets, Prague is definitely a tasteful old metropolis.


I only did a 2-night stop in Prague, while making my way to Amsterdam. If I knew I was going to be head over heels with this place, I would’ve stretched it to a few days instead. I vowed to return. Prague isn’t typically the top choice for Asians travelling to Europe. So for some reason, I had the impression Prague was a rather cheap city to visit. My presumption was instantly proven wrong when I started spending my first few Korunas. But wait don’t get me wrong, it’s still cheaper than the other European cities I went to. However, with the economy fueled by the shopping habit of tourists and the local nouveau riche, it has resulted in expensive boutiques and restaurants burgeoning in Prague.


Things To Do

FOOD. Apart from being known as a pretty and romantic city, Prague didn’t disappoint me food-wise. The traditional food is mostly consist of meat, sauce and side dishes – I was pleasantly surprised by the offerings. The common setting of restaurants found here is the candlelit cellarlike. Prague still has a long way to go before people travel there just for the food – truthfully, I had no idea what this city or Czech itself is famous for. My first and most favourite discovery was Trdelník (yeast dough, wrapped around a cylinder, rolled in cinnamon & showered in crushed nuts) – a total YUMMERS!




DRINKS. Another famous thing about Prague is the Beer Museum Pub. This museum displays how the manufacturing of beer has changed throughout history, bringing in how politics, war and economic status fitted into it and changed the way beer was brewed. If you like beer then don’t miss the nice beer tasting experience in an old cellar pub. Don’t let the alcoholic journey ends there, you should also head down to the city’s best spirits shop called Kratochvilovci and grab a bottle or two. It has an incredible selection and several very well stocked stores in central Prague.



CHARLES BRIDGE. Exude in the beauty and the elegance of the bridges in Prague. One of them is this iconic bridge, the city’s finest attraction which spans hundreds of meters with 30 Baroque statues of religious figures lined up along the way. The first statue to be erected on the bridge was the gilded bronze crucifix Statuary of St. Cross with Calvary that dates back to 1657. This bridge is always jam-packed with tourists and it’s hard to appreciate the beauty in peace and silence but you can still do it at night like I did – I took a stroll on this bridge that crosses the Vltava river from the Old Town Square to my hotel after a night drinking with my new friend Sam around midnight. There was still a handful of people hanging around the bridge but not as hectic as during the day and the scenery looks exceptionally breathtaking and romantic at night.

12354105_591215074359558_195785866_nAmong the status lined up along the bridge
12391766_945139175569935_8794466853899587585_nVltava river
1620495_945139118903274_4788276395782154350_nSketch artist
10322815_945139112236608_7147808886078635472_nThe gilded bronze crucifix Statuary of St. Cross with Calvary


MUSIC. This is a musical city and its lifeblood besides beer is obviously music. Music and art are omnipresent and closely intertwined in Prague. It’s the paradise for lovers of classical music and it can be enjoyed at every street corner. Prague is also one of the most important centers of music, many festivals and international competitions are held here annually.




OLD TOWN SQUARE. The most significant and famous square where the true heart of Prague beats. Christmas is probably the best time to visit this place because the atmosphere is just out of this world! You get to see a huge Christmas tree placed close to The Church of Mother of God before Týn. This square is located between Wenceslas Square and Charles Bridge.


12362558_801551256622534_118246200_n (1)




PRAGUE ASTRONOMICAL CLOCK. Possibly my favourite bit of the trip because you can view the whole city from top! This is the oldest working clock of its kind in the world. It has many astronomical features and amuses every tourist who comes to visit Prague. Well worth a visit, but does get very busy during the day, so I advise an early rise and race your way there to catch a glimpse of the old town square and all the red-roofed buildings around it.






SHOP. You can find the weirdest things and random cool shops here in Prague. Shop’s window gathers more than just dust but also vodka, weird-looking souvenirs, cannabis candies, bullets, voodoo-like dolls and many more. Creepy but unique.




PRAGUE CASTLE COMPLEX. Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. You can wander around its cloisters, palaces, museums and garden all day long. This stunning architectural achievement stretches back to the 9th century, and also where history meets avant-garde in Prague. This castle has become a symbol of Czech Republic as a whole and arguably the most important tourist site or monument in Prague.







WALK. Like most cities in Europe, Prague is one of the best for walking around. Walk and wander around because most of the attractions don’t cost a penny to see, and are quite accessible by foot. You will definitely stumble upon cool shops, vintage gems, unique buildings and statues, people from all over the world and awesome street snacks!


Prague in a Nutshell…


Prague, the city of a hundred spires and famous for its beautiful and classic architectural treasures. Prague is also one of the few cities in Europe that escaped major damage during the World War II and it is long known that Hitler loved this city so much that he wanted to save it for himself – so he spared it in the end. Really, what’s not to love about this charming city? Prague is simply wonderful.

12439146_961455077271678_6524196764781804426_nOh and this is a city best explored on foot too! So a comfy pair of shoes goes a long way!

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