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Photo Essay: Barcelona in a Day

Everyone who visits Barcelona can experience this beautiful city through the eyes of an artist. It’s a city of distinct culture, character, and history with dynamic architectural treasures. Although it is also unfortunately known as the home to Europe’s most inventive and tenacious pickpockets, Barcelona has its own charming character that still makes it the obvious choice for travelers traveling to Spain (usually) for the first time. It’s a great warm and sunny escape from the European winter – you have your toes swathed in the Mediterranean sea and the Spanish sun crisping up your epidermis all day long. Between the beach and the bar, some of the city’s finest art is right outside the door. The food is mouthgasmly delightful, from Paella to Empanada, and the succinctly succulent Jamón Ibérico, Spanish cuisine has long earned the international reputation for haute cuisine enjoyed by everyone.

I’d recommend staying around the central Catalunya that placed Barcelona’s business and conference center, as well as major attractions and shopping centers that are all within easy reach. It’s also an easy access from El Prat (the main airport) and getting around the city is not a hassle as the public transportation is easy accessible and fairly cheap. There’s nothing much for me to share on this trip as Barcelona was a last minute impromptu trip in between Paris where I have a day to waste so I hopped on Ryanair (note to everyone who’s taking this airline for the first time: ALWAYS have your printed boarding pass ready or else you have to pay an additional €45 just to have it printed at the counter). With nothing planned, I spent the whole day walking around Central Catalunya, trying all the Spanish food I could possibly chug in and of course, a visit to La Sagrada Familia.




City of Art. This city is almost impossible to exhaust – it’s an endlessly fascinating area with venues for live music, art exhibitions and the aphrodisiac architectures. Barcelona has a diverse variety of historical as well as fun and inspiring venues to ignite your passion even more for the city – home to some of the best artists like Pablo Picasso and Antoni Gaudí to name a few and museums in Barcelona are one of the city’s biggest draws, and are among the best in Europe.





I mainly spent the time walking rather than visiting attractions and so was able to cover pretty much all the main areas. If you are thinking of visiting Spain as part of your trip to Europe, Barcelona is a must-go. Barcelona is perhaps, the best city to get to know Spain especially for those with limited time and on a tight budget. Barcelona is pretty widespread so be prepared to do a lot of walking!

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