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Nature Escapade – Rainbow Waterfall


The remarkable Rainbow Waterfall in Sungai Lembing, which until a few days ago I didn’t know it existed. The journey to Sungai Lembing which is situated in Pahang from KL is around 3 hours by car.

Sungai Lembing is a tin mining town 42 km northwest of Kuantan in PahangMalaysia. Lembing is Malay for spear, and “sungai” means river. Per local legend, the local ruler saw a vision of a spear in the nearby river and thus named his town after this vision. – source


There isn’t very much to do in Sungai Lembing except for nature-activities. However, this small township offers you plenty of great places to visit, a great sweet escape from the concrete jungle. Among the places you can visit during your trip are the hanging bridge, Mount Panorama, Sungai Lembing Museum, The Lost Kingdom, Deer farm, Sungai Lembing Mines and Rainbow Waterfall.

I stayed at a place called Time Capsule Retreat, a rare yet interesting hotel concept in Malaysia. The rooms are sewer pipes turned into refurbished tubes with a dressed Queen-size bed, light, plug sockets and even equipped with an air-conditioner. The room rate is RM99 weekdays and RM119 weekend / public holiday.

I have always wanted to live close to nature because I believe natural green-spaces are very important to create a balanced life. This is the perfect place for the less-adventurous-campers like myself and the room is nice and surprisingly cozy.





The next day I woke up as early as 0600 to catch the ride (provided by the hotel for RM40/person) to the Rainbow Waterfall. The journey by land took an hour long on bumpy and stony road but through the rain washed jungle smell which was very refreshing. All off-road vehicles carrying passengers stopped at the tip of the mountain and from there, everyone had to hike for another hour before reaching the waterfall. I was not that well equipped for a hiking trip, missed my breakfast and felt so dehydrated but when I reached at the waterfall after a tiring and almost frustrating hike, I was so amazed with the hypnotizing natural phenomenon of the Rainbow Waterfall graciously provided by Mother Nature herself. The cold water didn’t stop me from taking a dip and I actually swam under the rainbow.


2014-05-04 12.37.28







Camera 360

I have to admit, this is the most breathtaking waterfall I’ve seen. I’ve been to a few in Malaysia, but this is personally the best hidden gem ever. Climbing up waterfalls, sloshing through streams and dipping in natural pools. Both its sound and its motion provide a lively contrast to the serenity of the jungle landscape.


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