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Fast Travel: 6 Countries in 360 Hours

It was intense, exciting, scary but overall amazing. If I had the chance, I’d do it all over again.

Why did I do it? Just for the thrill of it. Having a full-time job makes it hard for me to travel as often as I wish I could but when I have the chance to, I will utilize it to its fullest. It was mentally and physically exhausting and towards the end of the “sprint“, I just couldn’t wait to go back home. I didn’t go on this trip just for the sake of expanding my “number of countries I’ve visited” list as I couldn’t be bothered by that but this intense travelling was done because I rarely have the opportunity to travel halfway across the world. So when I do, I will go all out. I know you don’t get to see much if you’re in a hurry but I think I’ve seen enough and I was happy with my trip.

Fast travel isn’t bad after all. It’s like an explosion of variety and options. It’s exciting because you’re always on the move and it removes all sense of real distance. There’s a curious atmospheric side effect because you are constantly experiencing something new and no two, three or four days are the same when you do fast travel. Would I recommend it? Definitely, but not for those who are physically unfit, fussy and hates walking. You need to have an open mind as you will meet different people and face different situation all the time, and always be prepared that things will definitely go wrong at some point. There were days I woke up with no strength at all and wish I could just spend the whole day in bed but unfortunately, I couldn’t – I couldn’t afford to waste a single day on that trip. So I got up, showered and wandered around halfheartedly.

Although the journey was overwhelming but the experience was truly priceless. I complained a lot on being tired but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the view, sight, food and everything. Fast travel is doable but to really enjoy and not overdo yourself, you have to choose where you want to go wisely. Some city can be done in just a day or two – be selective about where you want to stay for longer and shorter period.




















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