I pride myself for being fearless. A very random, free-spirited, independent and spontaneous person. An avid traveler who enjoys travelling to unknown places, so I’m always up for a new adventure.

A true Malaysian who can never separate herself from the joy of enjoying all the food the world has to offer. I love trying new flavours and always up for new challenges in my culinary adventure. Some of my best travel memories involve sitting by the beach watching the sunset, indulging in exotic food, sleeping on an overnight bus and making friends at new places.

While I’m not one to pass up writing up pieces all day, I love exploring the natural beauty of a new place. It’s always a new story and plenty of adventures to share with everyone – because the funniest things happen when you’re traveling.

Some people travel to see new sights, discover new cultures while others to dwell in leisure. It doesn’t matter what your purpose of travelling is, if it gives you a certain kind of fulfilment then DO IT. I always live by this phrase that you only have one life, so do whatever makes you happy and as for me, travelling makes me the happiest and I will keep on conquering the world and walk as far as I can.

Always stay curious… ♥

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