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10 Best Things About Solo Travel

Is it safe? Aren’t you lonely? Where do you get all the money? What do your parents think of this? Personally, I love to travel on my own and in groups as well, depending on the kind of travel I am doing. Here are some of the best reasons why solo travel can be so much fun.


1. Fluid Movement

You’re the master of your own itinerary. Not only you will have the total freedom, nothing or no one is going to hold you back. There are no rules to follow and feelings you need to consider. Basically, you make your own plans, you decide everything on your own and you do as you wish. You can try all kinds of food without worrying about anyone else’s diet, you move on your own pace and having the freedom of exploring new places on your own terms. Having said that, some places are still better visited with your friends and loved ones. That’s why it depends on where you plan to go, you need to decide whether you’re better off alone or you should drag your friends along!


2. Save More

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually save more by travelling alone. Although splitting budget with your friends or partner sounds good, you guys might not agree with everything. You might want to save more on lodging so you prefer hostel or dorm, or even couchsurfing but your friends might have a more expensive pick. It’s much more easier to create and stick to your own budget rather than overspending because you travel with someone fussy and have expensive taste. This only applies if you don’t mind crashing at a stranger’s home or sleeping in the same room with more than four people, at least.


3. Better Chances to Meet Like-Minded People

Let’s be honest, not everyone you travel with will share the same interests as you. Travelling solo can be lonely at times but the truth is, you can meet local people or travelers through apps and social media. Solo trip is never really spent completely in solitude, you will constantly meet new people from all walks of life. But hey, if you have friends that go along well with you when travelling, do it with them and even when you’re travelling with friends that have different interests, it’s always OK to plan ahead – like give and take, comprising with each other or travel separately for a few hours each day.


4. Learn to be More Independent

You have to do everything on your own and there’s no one familiar to depend on. You only have yourself and strangers around you. There are days you will roll with a group of new friends exploring the city and there are days you may just want to take it easy and do it at your own pace. You will probably lose your way in the city, hop on the wrong train and get off at the wrong station, don’t really know what to order since the menu is not in English, not sure where you’re heading to since you can’t pronounce the name of the place – whenever one of life’s little challenges emerge, your survival instinct kicks in and at the of the day, you will (hopefully) figure out everything on your own and survive.


5. Bring Out the Extrovert in You

You may not know you have it in you all this while but when you travel alone, you have to speak to strangers in order to survive. Some people find it hard to travel alone because they don’t like or not comfortable to approach strangers. The key is to always be yourself and often, people who are alone appear more approachable to others. It’s a plus if you meet another extrovert because it will make the conversation much easier.


6. It’s Empowering

All the worrying and daunting thoughts will gradually disappear the moment you realize that you can do this! You get to learn more like reading the map which you initially are so bad at, taking the public transportation gets easier each day and you’re more open to trying new things like food, hobby etc. You’ll discover that a lot of the ridiculous things you’ve seen on the internet or heard from people aren’t real or as bad as you think they are, that they have been magnified.


7. Self-Reflection

You will discover many things about yourself and create the best relationship you can have with yourself. I have so much “me time” when I did my solo travel and it gave me a lot of time to reflect on myself more – I learned new things about myself and developed new interests. Travelling alone can be an interesting, introspective, life-changing experience because you’re not going to interact with people 24/7.


8. A Better Storyteller

As you travel alone, you’ll have more opportunities to discover more places. You’ll create endless memories when you tell friends and stories of your travels. Because the trip was only yours, it’s a unique experience many people will love to hear about. Some of these adventures are best done alone, that no trip with friends can top that. It may also involve holiday romances, I’m sure some will or have experienced this before.


9. Learn to Miss Home and People That Matter

Oh yes, now you know who you really miss back home. You may have taken some people or something for granted before this, you may not appreciate your local food but when you’re all alone you will remember all the littlest detail from the taste of every bite of your favourite food to every single thing done by the people that matter to you.


10. You Will Likely Value Travelling Even More

Since you have tried both travelling solo and with people, I’m sure you have experienced some level of disappointment on your trip with your friends like having arguments on which restaurants to go, what kind of food to get, which hotel to stay and with yourself like I wish I had gone to this place with my partner or I wish I didn’t choose this airline, I should have not visited this museum etc. When you travel alone and have discovered more about yourself, you know how not to be and why you shouldn’t be selfish when you travel with people the next time. The stakes of having regrets are much more lower since you will not be blaming anyone for any shortcoming but yourself and you will know what works best when you plan for your next adventure.


While it’s wonderful to share a great trip and new experiences with friends and your partner, it’s always refreshing to do it alone sometimes. Solo travel has become a part of my life and it’s an adventurous experience I’ll likely want to experience over and over again but there’s definitely some trips that are worth doing with your favourite people. It doesn’t matter how you prefer to travel, everyone can travel any way they want so there is definitely no rules for traveling. Go out and venture the world with or without people! ✈ ✈ ✈

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